Boldtronics, Inc. is the one-stop-shop for all of your security/surveillance needs! We have what it takes when it comes to designing, consulting, and installing the security system that is right for you. Plus, we provide the best pricing on security equipment; train your staff in its use; and make any needed repairs to your current equipment - even if you didn't purchase it through us!

Design and Engineering Consulting

Consult with Boldtronics - your source for start-to-finish custom security/surveillance systems. From assistance with a preliminary needs assessment to development of your RFP, we're qualified with the experience and knowledge to ensure you that your requirements are met through every stage of the purchasing and installation process.

Equipment Sales

After designing your video surveillance or other security system, Boldtronics will provide you with the best possible pricing for all of your equipment. Our primary focus on video surveillance allows us the volume buying power that is often the best in the state! Contact us for a quote and let us show you what we can do.

On-Site Training

Our years of experience show that the more familiar a customer is with their security system, the more apt they are to use it. And, the more they use it, the more successful they are in reaching their goals. Once your security system is installed, Boldtronics takes the time to assure all of your personnel are properly trained in its use. From equipment operation to copying and back-up, we'll see that your staff knows what it takes to help you in meeting your objectives!

Equipment Service & Repair

Regardless of the type of equipment you have or from what company you originally purchased it, Boldtronics is able to provide you with the service you need. Our factory-certified technicians can repair all makes and models of security equipment, such as PELCO, Dedicated Micros, Integral Technologies, SONY, Panasonic, and more.

Our service trucks are "warehouses on wheels", stocked with a wide variety of replacement parts, loaner equipment, and new security products. So, whether you need on-the-spot service or are looking to add a new camera to your security system, Boldtronics has the unique ability to handle your needs on a timely basis!

Our technicians also carry up-to-date testing equipment, to assure accurate and reliable trouble-shooting and analysis on location. Whether we need an oscilloscope, time domain reflectometer or line tracking/testing, Boldtronics has the equipment on hand to do the job right the first time!

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